Unique Print on every board

Yeah really! every board has one of a kind unique graphics. discover the possibilities below

Chose from our stock

Check the shop page to find your board. We normaly have a wide range of decks available, each with its own style.

Upload your own design

We understand you have your own idea of what’s a great picture on your own deck. That’s how we got started. That’s why we give you the opportunity to design and upload your own image. We’ll place it an the board and make it the most awsome deck in the world (for you).

Paint your own design

Only available in the netherlands. Not everyone has the computerskills to make a great design, or likes to work that way. That’s why we give you the possibility to paint your own deck by hand. We’ll send you a blank deck with grip on it, and a small can of varnish to finish and protect your design.

Become a Sway artist

Are you a great designer, painter, graphic artist, and you feel like messing around on some longboards? Please get in touch! We’re always looking for new designs to keep our stock at a good level.

Meet our team members. See the work of both our skaters and designers.

About us

You're unique, so why should'nt your board be?

Quality longboards made with love and passion. That’s what Sway Longboards stands for. We have our own vision on longboarding and art, and we want to make the sport better for ourselves and for others. We’ve branded our longboards with character. There have been many prototypes, tests and failures before we’ve reached this point. Every person is unique, and therefore our boards are unique. We work with several artists, designers and even fashion designers to give every board it’s own personality. At Sway Longboards we care for a better future and a green planet for the next generations. Our boards are made of bamboo, which makes them light and sustainable. And for every board we sell, one dollar goes to Trees for the future, from which they can plant ten trees in areas troubled with extreme deforestation.

Check our curent stock. If you see something you like, you can buy or reserve the board for a few weeks if you don't have the funds at this moment.

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