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Part 2. Skating 350 Km to Montpellier, France

So we left Thursday 14th early in the morning, heading for Perpignan. After skating a whole day in the sun we discovered skating at night would be better; so we did.
Though skating at night is not all that great, it’s still better than in the burning m
editerranean sun. We had to face some dangerous routes on the highway whilst we were dead tired. We decided to spent a part of the night at a gas station.


A video update at night. We were very tired and just decided that we would try to sleep at a gas station.

At around 5 A.M. we left and found a quiet bench to take one more small nap. The next day we were still verry tired but we had to skate anyway. We arived at Montpellier on July 16 at around 10 P.M. and we had a decent night to rest. Today we are moving on toward Lyon where we can rest for a while and take a well deserved shower.


Next morning at said bench. We did not have a good night, but we are positive and going for it!

Packing for the first partAll setPlanned route for the first 2 daysOn our way to Lloret de MarNight skateAriving in MontpellierPacking to go on our way to Lyon


Travel progress