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Part 4. Avignon to Lyon

Avignon was cool, but we really enjoyed Lyon. When we arrived we met up with Mélanie. We had some contact before on Facebook, so she was expecting us. It was nice to have a place to sleep and freshen up again. She showed us around the city and we even went out one night.
The next day 
Mélanie had things to do, so we posted a message in a local Facebook skate group if there was anyone who could give us a skate tour around town. That’s when we met Arthur (again). Arthur was also present at the Dutch Ultraskate 24th June. It’s funny how we didn’t notice each other back then, although Arthur did recognize the Tow-Trucks. We skated across Lyon and we had a great time.

Today we left Lyon heading for Paris. That’s around 500Km from here and we hope to get there within 5/6 days.
Then after a few kilometers we had another unfortunate event with Ties’s Tow-Truck. This time the clamp attached to the longboard gave way. As if that situation wasn’t bad enough it started to rain. According to the weather forecast it will only get worse the next couple of days. We tried to hitch a ride, but the only one who stoped didn’t have enough room for all our gear.

Now we’re facing a tough decision. Are we going back to Lyon by bus, hoping we can find a place to stay or maybe even get back to Mélanie. Or will we take a bus to the next town hoping to find a place to stay or camp there. Our tent is great, but with this kind of weather finding a place with a roof over our heads is more appealing. You’ll hear from us again soon!


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