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Part 5. Paris! And the last stage

22-07-16 When we had some trouble one of our Tow-Trucks on Friday, we decided to walk the 30Km’s we just skated back to Lyon. There we spent the night at the side of the river. This really had a negitive effect on our mood as you can understand. The next day we tried to fix the issue with the Tow-Truck, without succes. So we had to make a hard but necessary decision, taking the bus to Paris. We did not like the idea of skipping 470Km of skating, nor the fact that we had to sit in a crowded bus tired as we were. But we had no other viable choice. Thanks to the wonders of internet we were able to arrange a place to spend the night when we arrived.

24-07-16 Once in Paris, our host Alexandre Bangoi showed us around the city. What a blast! This was one of the highlights of the whole trip. We skated somewhere around 75 Km through Paris. Uphill, downhill, through cars and people. We stoped every now and then for some refreshments and at the end of the day we had a great dinner. Thanks again Alexandre!


26-07-16 After 2 great days in this beautiful city we are on our way for the last stage of the trip. Back home! Ties fixed its Tow-Truck provisionally, but good enough for now. After about 80Km we had to find a place to sleep. We were in a small village, and they were not used to longboarders. When we skated past a small restaurant everyone was looking, and we thought; Why the hell not. We went to the owner and asked if we he had a place to stay for us. We got even more than that. We also got loads of food, and when we woke up the next morning we even found coffee and cookies outside the tent! We went on, had some great weather and fun. But we are also looking forward to our own beds.


28-07-16 We skated through a rainy night and we are really tired and soaked. We are pushing on because we really want to get home, take a shower and get some well deserved sleep. It’s 4:00 PM now and we have a little less then 100Km to go.

29-07-16 We’re home! We’ll write a summery soon. Also, we thought it was fun to skate the last episode from Maastricht to Eindhoven toghether with friend and other dutch skaters. We planned it for this sunday (31-07-16). Please note that this will go on! Our urge to get home was strong, so we pushed on a bit faster. But sunday we will take the train back to Maastricht to re-skate that part because, why not? If you want to join, here’s a link to the event: Skate met ons mee. But for now, good night!

Surviving the rainThe night in LyonStaying safe in ParisTemporary fixWe literally 'found' much needed help...To not get hit by cars on busy roads