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Introduction: Steve Koops and Tieske Barten

Meet the heroes who will skate aprox 1500Km from Barcelona to Eindhoven:

19 year old Steve Koops and 18 year old Ties Barten.

These guys are not unfamiliar with long distance skateboarding. In 2015 they made a similar trip from Paris tot Eindhoven. That was only 1/3 the distance the’ll cover this time.

They also participated in the 2016 Dutch Ultraskate (skate as much as you can in 24 hours). Steve rode a whooping 176 Km solo, while Ties skated in the Sway relay-team. Together they managed to skate almost 438 Km which puts the team at 3th place worldwide!

For their Barcelona trip this summer they are both better equipped than during the previous skate-trek. The new and improved Tow-Trucks are more stable, lighter, more practical and above all sturdy as hell. Made from stainless steel and a durable container on top, they will go wherever the boys go.

We also provided them with 2 brand new custom Sway Valeriums. A very stable double drop pusher deck with a large platform and slide-in droptrough mounts. (No need to take apart you truck to mount it on this deck). Together with some 10″ caliber fifties trucks, bones reds and some sweet Seismic speedvents, this makes a perfect long distance push setup.

Steve Koops alias Steace_ (Left) and Ties Barten, alias Push Hulk (Right)A trip that will take them over the Pyrenees, across vast streches of flat land, trough beautifull nature and exciting cities.Thanks to all their sponsors they got everything they'll need for ther tripThe two custom Valerium decks we made for them


Travel progress: