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Part 3. Montpellier to Avignon

A lot has happened in the last two days. Good and bad things. So let’s start where we left last post, Montpellier. We left there at around 10 in the morning, so we could make it to Nîmes at an easy pace.
In this lovely city we met 2 wonderfull people who helped us a lot! Though there was a bit of a language barrier, with lots of help from google translate we got there. The sentences might have been way of, but we totally understood each other.
They offerd us a meal, shower, a bed to spend the night and we could use ther washing machine for our clothes. After this great welcoming experience we continued our trip, heading for Avignon.


Everything went well for about 30 Km, that’s when disaster struck. Ties’s Tow-Truck broke. One of the welds gave way under the weight of the container and all the extra water they packed for this part.
Ties was freaking out, but together with Steve and some phonecalls to family back home we were determined to find a solution. The family was helping by seeking nearby garages to get the Tow-Truck fixed. We tried a few, but now it became clear how big a problem the language barier actualy was. Even with help from google translate we couldn’t make ourself clear enough to get the help we needed.
To be honest it felt as if the people weren’t willing to help us because we did not speak their language, but that could be our perception.
After a few calls, we reached a French friend of Ties’s Grandfather. He called a junkjard two km from our position and they said they could help us.
There was a man who was close to a hundred years old we believe, but he was a genius. He fixed the Tow-Truck and made it even stronger than it was before. We were unbelievably happy with this fix!

Now we could continue our way to Avignon where we spent the night at the home of a lovely elderly couple. Our plan is to reach Lyon on July 21st which is a good 200 km from Orange where we are at this very moment.

To end this long read with a smile, we got a trick for you:



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