Rick Willeboordse

The technical brain behind the company and owner of the Sway Boards.

With knowledge about holding operation and the necessary knowledge about the different construction methods of longboards, he is the most suitable person for managing production and the company.
Below you will find a detailed overview of all Rick's qualities:
• Technically talented.
This means that Rick can easily pick up handicrafts and get started with it. No challenge is too big for Rick.
• Knowledge of woodworking & construction methods.
Rick understands wood and how to work it. He also knows exactly what he can expect from the material and how the construction of the boards must be built.

• Studious & experimentalist.
Because of his eagerness to learn and the urge to learn through experimentation, Rick is the most suitable person for developing and building prototypes.

• International connections.
Through his years of experience in the world of longboards and the journeys he has made for sports, Rick has built up a network of international longboarders and companies. This makes information and help easy to find.

• Perseverance.
Rick is becoming very direct and often manages to implement his ideas. If he has an idea, he will go after it with enthusiasm and will not stop until the idea is really developed into a final product.



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