Robert Steinert

Creative Manager
The creative brain behind the organization. As a media management student at the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam, Robert brings all the qualities to take charge of the organization and the creative production of the company.
Below you will find a detailed overview of all qualities of Robert:
• Knowledge about office programs.
This knowledge is essential for setting up the various documents that are important for the company. This allows Robert to set up Excel files, make budgets and to set up important documents that are of great importance for the organization of the company.

• Knowledge of the various Adobe programs.
This knowledge is essential for the creative productions of the company. Thanks to the knowledge of these programs, Robert is able to produce all designs and such himself. This knowledge is also useful for creating the various promotional materials and editing video material

• Knowledge about setting up the organization.
As a result of the media management training which Robert follows at the Graphic Lyceum Rotterdam, he is trained in setting up an organization, managing media productions and running his own business. This is all essential to plan and work out the organization of the company down to the last detail.

• Experimentalist & creative thinker.

Robert also likes to learn from experiments. This together with the creative thinking of Robert ensure that all graphic designs are worked out by Robert himself and ultimately applied to the products. In addition, the creative way of thinking ensures that solutions are conceived and applied more easily.

• Student at the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam.
This is a very big point, because Rick and Robert have never started a company together and therefore have no experience in setting up a company, this is very helpful. This way Robert always has a place to start asking questions and asking for advice. This ensures that unnecessary mistakes are made as little as possible.

• Representative & contact seeking
Thanks to the experience that Robert has gained within his education, he knows what to look for in presentations, pitches and important meetings. This makes him the ideal person to consult with important partners and to approach potential business partners.

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