Shumie Loo

A team rider of Sway with the main focus LDP and experimenting with prototypes.

With a background of Orthopedic technology he understands the human body and also the technical aspects of the longboard. He started in 2013 with longboarding, first learned how to pump before he could push.
As time went on he joined the first longboard competitions and learned the ropes of it.

His greatest achievement at ultra-skate is riding ~292 miles / 469 km
In 2017 he was number 9 of the world.
In 2019 he still is number 14 of the world.

Also went to Miami for ultraskate and wants to join a longboard race in Asia (Singapore / China)

He helps the longboard community by introducing new people in long distance boarding. Creates custome lasergrip designs and also gives advice about longboards. Experimenting with prototypes is what he loves to do.

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